Classic Chocolate Cake Mix

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A perfectly soft & moist cake mix made with high quality European cocoa powder for the ultimate rich, velvety chocolate flavor. Choose from one of three easy add-in options: Classic Moist, Ultra Rich & Moist, or Non-Dairy.

See product photo gallery for detailed information on baking instructions, ingredients, and complete nutritional information. Serve with one of our pre-made buttercream frostings.

90 Calories*. 2 Net Carbs*. 6g Protein*. Keto Friendly. Naturally sweetened.

Net carbs calculation: 20g total carbs - 3g dietary fiber - 9g erythritol - 6g allulose = 2g net carbs

*Per 1/9 cake, as prepared according to classic recipe. Makes one 8x8-inch cake or 9-12 cupcakes.