Keto Red Velvet Cake Pops

Keto Red Velvet Cake Pops

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These Keto-Friendly Red Velvet Cake Pops are the perfect sugar-free sweet treat to make for your Valentine, Galentines, or just yourself (we won't judge)…❤️ Moist cream cheese frosting infused red velvet cake covered in a layer of sweet white chocolate!  



    1. Stir cocoa powder into dry yellow cake mix. Prepare cake batter according to package instructions in style of your choice, adding vinegar along with the wet ingredients. Add food coloring until desired shade is reached.

    2. Bake cake according to package instructions. Allow cake to cool, then use a fork to crumble the cake into fine crumbs. Reserve a small amount of crumbs to use as a garnish. Add cream cheese frosting and stir until dough forms.

    3. Form into 1.5 inch balls and place on a wax or parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Place in the freezer to chill while you melt the white chocolate chips. 

    4. Cover each ball in melted white chocolate. Top with extra red velvet cake crumbs. Allow to set, and enjoy!

    keto red velvet cake pops

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